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Braslink has simplified electronic commerce and now allows all its A1-Professional Hosting customers to have his or her own online store without the costs and complications usually involved in this process.

The store is ready. All you need to do is enter your products and prices and just leave the rest to us.
Good Sales!

How can I have my online MEGALOJA ?.

Access the demonstration Mega Loja now!

Are you a customer hosted under our Professional Plan? Do you expect to have up to 100 items in your store? Then this service is free! If you are a Braslink customer hosted under our professional plan and do not expect to have more than 100 products, this service is free. All you need to do is click on the button below to set up and launch your store.
If you are not a Braslink customer or don't have a site hosted with us, click on the button below to request our hosting service and become an entrepreneur!
If you are a Braslink customer and you have a site hosted with us, but you want to place more than 100 products for sale in your store, see our prices below:

Quantity of items Amount / month
Up to 100 items Included in Professional Plan
From 101 to 200 items US$10.00/monthly*
From 201 to 500 items US$19.00/monthly*
From 501 to 1000 items US$30.00/monthly*
over 1001 items US$50.00/monthly*
                    * Added to the monthly fee for professional hosting

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