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Programação - Exemplos

 Serviço Especializado de Suporte (Equipe de Programadores)  
Para suporte especializado em programação, clique aqui e conheça nossos serviços.

 Access Counters  
Text in ASP

 Files for download
  Place the file in your directory, properly compacted, using a .zip extension or one that your compactor has given you. Create a link to this file with the command <a href="name_of_file.zip"> Name of link on the page.</a>
When the link is clicked on, the file will be automatically downloaded.

 Form with automatic e-mail forwarding
Register your customers and automatically email them a note thanking him or her for their registration and another one to yourself, with the customer's data.

 FormMail - Forms with results via E-mail
Freely create your forms and receive the submitted information in your email account. Total liberty in creating forms, with no limit of data fields.

 Registration in data base, which entitles you to send your business specials to your customers.
Register your customer, send an email thanking him or her for the registration, send yourself an email with your customer's data and maintain it in a data base. You can edit and delete customers as you please. You can send an email to all your registered customers notifying them of special deals and prices as often as you want. This notice can be sent with a simple click of the button, regardless of how many people you send it to.
See details

 Password Script in a multi-user ASP
Allows you to restrict access to files with a name and password, generates a data log when data is typed incorrectly, allows online administration of users, accompanies a text file with the installation instructions.

 Table of colors used in HTML
  List with the colors and their names
and codes used on the Internet.
See the chart

 Emission of Brazilian Boleto Bancario
  Boletos are allowed from the following banks:
Bank Boston, Banco do Brasil,Bradesco, Caixa econômica federal, Itaú, Santander
No software purchase or development is necessary
See Details

 Protection of Linux directories
  Scripts that automatically create .htaccess files for the protection of linux files.
All you need to do is download the file below and unzip it using WinZip or a similar unzipping
program and read the readme.txt file for instructions

 ASP component for sending emails
  Examples and instructions on how to use AspEmail to send messages on your website.
See Details

 How to place Braslink webmail on your website
  To create your own personalized webmail, enter our control panel and choose the following option:
Email Maintenance/ Personalize Webmail.

No programming knowledge will be needed and your webmail will be accessible through the address:

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